Welcome to Daisy Designs & Creations, LLC!

I'm Marcy, the proud owner and founder of this creative venture. As a wife, mother, and Mamaw to a lively tribe of five, family is truly the heart and soul of my life.

In September of 2023, amidst a challenging time when my husband underwent extensive spinal surgeries, and we transitioned into the empty nest phase, I embarked on a journey that would shape the essence of Daisy Designs & Creations. What started as a simple hobby blossomed into a heartfelt endeavor to rediscover myself and provide a source of additional income for my family.

The deafening silence of an empty nest prompted me to seek solace in creativity, and thus, Daisy Designs & Creations, LLC was born. The name "Daisy Designs & Creations" holds a special significance for us. The daisy flower represents new beginnings, and this venture marks the start of a fresh chapter for our family—a journey of creativity, empowerment, and shared joy.

Daisy Designs & Creations, we celebrate the beauty of simplicity and the power of meaningful connections. Our products are crafted with quality craftsmanship and personalized touches, reflecting the warmth and joy of family. From charming floral tees to delightful home decor pieces, each item is infused with love and designed to inspire, uplift, and bring happiness to those who wear or use them. I found fragments of myself, piecing together a newfound identity rooted in passion and purpose.

We take pride in offering made-to-order products that are as unique as the individuals who cherish them. With many new and exciting ventures on the horizon, we are committed to growing Daisy Designs & Creations, LLC into our full-time pursuit, fueled by our passion for creativity, empowerment, and making a positive difference in the lives of others.

Thank you for joining us on this journey of creativity, empowerment, and celebration. Together, let's embrace the beauty of life's moments and the endless possibilities they hold.

With love and gratitude,
Owner & Founder, Daisy Designs & Creations, LLC

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